Investment Philosophy

Lion Global Investors believes that equity markets are structurally inefficient and that this inefficiency provides the opportunity for active investors, like us, to add value for clients through the application of a disciplined investment process. Our investment process is underwritten by thorough stock analysis, disciplined stock selection and the construction of portfolios which reflect prevailing and anticipated macro / thematic trends. We believe that portfolio construction disciplines play an essential role in the investment process as they ensure that a client’s investment objectives are commensurately balanced with their appetite for risk.

We are of the opinion that in the context of the Asian equity markets, a strict adherence to any one particular investment style, be it value or growth, will not be rewarded on a consistent basis given the constantly changing market conditions. Accordingly, we do not adopt a strict value or growth approach as we believe that investors need to retain a degree of flexibility with respect to style. Instead, we look to construct portfolios that are positioned to benefit from the identified structural macro shifts in the economy as well as any short term developments that present from time to time. Any style bias, growth or value, is thus a by-product of our stock selection approach and macro view at any particular time in the cycle.

Robust and Repeatable Investment Process

Investment Process for LGI Equity Team

Through a team-based approach carried out in a consistent, robust and repeatable investment process, we aim for superior returns over the investment cycle.

We begin with a rigorous stock selection process led by proprietary research and original thinking to identify a set of approved stocks that are undervalued but with catalysts for growth. We add value through rigorous disciplines applied to the approved list, in order to construct focused and conviction-based portfolios that are commensurate with our clients’ return goals and risk appetite.

Alignment of Interests

Lion Global Investors' investment culture is focused on combining ‘bottom-up’ stock-selection in the context of a portfolio framed by a ‘well-defined’ top-down strategy. This approach results in high conviction stock picks that are reflected in our portfolio construction. A team-based culture exists at the core of our investment approach, from proprietary research and original idea generation through to portfolio construction disciplines; our fund managers’ and analysts’ interests are aligned with those of the clients and the firm.

Team Approach

Our equities team is integrated vertically and horizontally, and structured by geographical expertise into Asian, Japanese and European coverage to maximise idea generation within the assigned sectors and geographic regions ensuring we cover as many stocks as possible. Within the Asian equities team, the regional organisation of expertise split into North Asia, Regional and ASEAN teams is defined further into six centres of excellence - ASEAN, Greater China, High Yield, Property, Regional and Singapore.

Our equities team's high performance culture is built on a team-based approach where decisions are made collectively and a remuneration philosophy that reflects individual and team performance. Our clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a large team of fund managers and dedicated research analysts located in Asia with native understanding of the region’s market movements.

Corporate Profile

  • AUM of S$58.4 billion (US$42.3 billion) as at 30 September 2019
  • Over 40 fund managers and analysts averaging more than 17 years of financial industry experience
  • 150 employees
  • Backed by OCBC Bank, consistently ranked among the World’s Top 50 Safest Banks by Global Finance