Diversification across asset classes, sectors and geographies to manage risk and improve investment results.

Generate Returns While Managing Risk
Short-term market behaviour gives rise to opportunities for us to add value to our clients' portfolios through tactical asset allocation. Appropriate scaling of exposure towards best ideas is key to generating higher returns per unit of risk taken. We also believe capital protection strategies are integral to achieve consistent returns and ensure safety of capital.

By understanding our clients' performance objectives and risk appetites, the multi-asset strategies (MAS) team seeks to outperform the relevant benchmark on the basis of macro research, active asset allocation, security selection, portfolio construction disciplines and risk management.
Investment Process

Our investment process is structured to offer clients strong guidance and adaptability. Our strategies are customisable according to your investment goals and expectations.

Client’s Investment Objectives
  • Strategic asset allocation
Asset Allocation
  • Macro research
  • Investment committee
  • Tactical asset allocation
Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Securities selection
  • Portfolio construction discipline Portfolio aligned with client’s investment objective and appetite for risk
Risk Management
  • Portfolio risk management
  • Oversight
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