Regular Income and
Retirement Planning
Investing for the future. Choose from our curated solutions so as to enjoy a secure and stress-free retirement.
Build a Regular Income Stream for a Comfortable Retirement
Create a retirement income stream by constructing a portfolio consisting of different asset classes such as bonds and equities.
Diversify to manage market volatility and hedge your risks, as different types of investments react differently to market events.
Expertly Managed
Our portfolios are carefully constructed, closely monitored and periodically rebalanced to achieve intended investment objectives.
Risk Management
As your retirement approaches, leave it to our financial experts to manage your risk exposure to protect your assets.
Featured Funds
LionGlobal All Seasons Fund (Standard)
The Fund aims to generate capital appreciation over the long term by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of active funds and ETFs.
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LionGlobal Asia Bond Fund
The Fund aims to provide total return of capital growth and income through an actively managed portfolio of bonds, high quality interest rate securities, convertible bonds, real..
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LionGlobal Asia Pacific Fund
The Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in the equities markets of the Asia Pacific (ex Japan) region.
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