Quality stock analysis to deliver long-term returns.

Investment Philosophy
Investment Philosophy

We are committed to high quality research through in-depth analysis, disciplined stock selection and best-in-class portfolio construction that reflects our conviction levels so as to achieve consistent risk-adjusted returns.

Stock Analysis and Selection
Stock Analysis and Selection

Stock weightings are set according to conviction levels while taking into consideration various performance objectives and risk tolerance.

Consistent Risk-Adjusted Performance

Our investment process strives to effectively manage risks to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns to our clients.

  • Research strategy
  • Idea generation
  • Approved lists*
* The approved list consists of all those stocks that are approved for investment.
Portfolio Construction
  • Investment strategy
  • Security selection
  • Portfolio construction disciplines
  • Focused and conviction based portfolios
A Team-Based Approach
A Team-Based Approach

Our equities team is organized by geographical and sector coverage to build in-depth knowledge and achieve a competitive edge.

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