Lion-Nomura Japan Active ETF (Powered by AI)
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Singapore's first actively managed ETF powered by AI
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Lion-Nomura Japan Active ETF
IntraDay Indicative NAV
Indicative NAV
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**IntraDay Indicative NAV

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The IntraDay Indicative NAV (iNAV) shown is provided by S&P Global Limited (“S&P”). Please refer to the Important Notes for S&P displayed at the bottom of this webpage. The iNAV is indicative and for reference purposes only. It may differ from the actual NAV calculated in accordance with the Trust Deed and should not be viewed as the actual NAV.

*Indicative NAV

Indicative NAV per unit in USD and JPY are for reference only and is calculated using the actual NAV per unit in SGD converted into USD and JPY, using the exchange rates quoted by Reuters at 4:00 p.m. (Hong Kong time) as of the same Dealing Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fund is only suitable for investors who:

  • seek to achieve long-term capital growth through investment in an actively managed portfolio of Japanese equity securities; and
  • are comfortable with the volatility and risks of an equity fund.

Gain easy access to Japan’s awakening

  • Japan has awakened from its slumber, with the Tokyo Stock Price Index (TOPIX) reaching a 33-year high in 2023. Japan’s long-term growth story is now favorably shaped by structural catalysts like corporate governance reforms and inflation. As these catalysts take time to be priced in, Japan is still at an attractive entry point now.


Use the power of AI and active management to select quality Japanese stocks

  • Our proprietary AI models evaluates hundreds of factors to assign scores to each stock in the investable universe. The investment team (consisting of both Lion Global Investors and Nomura Asset Management) then select and assign weights to the stocks based on their AI model scores. The result is a final portfolio of 50 to 100 quality Japanese stocks.


Tap on the deep expertise of Lion Global Investors and Nomura Asset Management

  • We combine our strengths to bring you the Lion-Nomura Japan Active ETF, which is both Singapore’s first actively managed ETF and Singapore’s first AI-powered ETF.

Some advantages of an AI-powered ETF include:

1. Capacity

Our proprietary AI models are faster than humans and can evaluate hundreds of factors in securities selection.

2. Disciplined

Our proprietary AI models avoid bias and emotions in the investment decision making process.

3. Rigorous

Our proprietary AI models undergo a robust and scientific development process with oversight and inputs from experienced fund managers. The models are typically refreshed monthly and respond to trends dynamically.

These 3 key advantages enable this fund to identify quality Japanese stocks efficiently and invest effectively.  

Passive ETFs track a benchmark index and are constrained by the index rules and methodology. Active ETFs do not track a benchmark index and are less constrained, potentially giving it more room to outperform the broader market.

The Lion-Nomura Japan Active ETF (Powered by AI) is actively managed using proprietary investment strategies and processes. The Fund is subject to active management or security-selection risk and its performance, will reflect, in part, our ability to select investments and to make investment decisions that are suited to achieving the Fund’s investment objective.

As the Fund expense ratio is dependent on the fund size, the expense ratio is currently not yet available. The expense ratio will be published in the Fund’s semi-annual report. The annual management fee is 0.70% per annum currently.

This collaboration came about because of our shared vision to be innovative and desire to meet the evolving needs of our clients. It was a natural collaboration as we both had complementing AI capabilities and wanted to bring an actively managed, cost-efficient solution to the Singapore market.

You may invest in this ETF via your broker from 31 January 2024!
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